Metal detector M5



ANRITSU M5 series Metal Detector


  Anritsu metal detectors detect all kinds of metal particle contaminants in products ferrous, non-ferrous metals (aluminium, copper, zinc, nickel, tin, titanium, gold, silver, platinum, etc.) and stainless steel.


  Anritsu metal detectors have one of the highest detection sensitivities on the market. The metal detector's detecting sensitivity for Fe (iron) sphere is 0.3 mm dia and SS 304 (stainless steel) sphere 0.6 mm dia. Metal detectors can be used for both packed and unpacked products. They search foreign bodies also in aluminium-foil packaging products, as well as in liquid products containing water soups, marinades, etc. Metal detectors are suitable for frozen and hot food and many other types of products. Anritsu metal detectors have stable, highly accurate and reliable metal detection performance.



  All Anritsu pipeline metal detectors comply with the highest production standards ensuring safe, reliable operation of metal detectors for detection of all kinds of metals in a wide range of food and non-food production regardless of working environment.

  Metal detectors are suitable for detection of foreign bodies in such industries as food production, fish, meat and vegetable processing, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, textile, recycling industries, etc. 

   Anritsu metal detectors' protection class is IP66, and the equipment can be washed with a jet of water internal diameter of the tube:  12.5 mm.



  The metal detector's belt speed could be in the range from 5 m/min to 90 m/min the belt speed can be set for each recorded product.

  Metal detectors have USB ports, through which the detector's history of operations can be uploaded.

  Anritsu metal detectors have Ethernet connectivity (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX).


  The manufacturer of metal detectors ANRITSU has ensured the ease of use of the equipment for the operators – everything is displayed on the detector's screen.



Metal detectors with 7-inch full colour TFT LCD touch screen.


The detector's display includes the main programmes:

  1. Selection of pre-registered products. A certain speed or other parameters can be set for each registered product.
  2. Product registration setting of metal detector for a new product takes up to 1 minute (in total, up to 200 products can be registered).
  3. Preproduction check programme, which is performed for setting a sample of contaminant before the beginning of the production process. A certain metal is searched through this programme and the search is not displayed in the metal detector’s history.
  4. Adjustment of sensitivity of the metal detector.


 The video on how the metal detector programmes function.



Metal detectors are provided with support guidelines including images and descriptions for rapid resolution of any problem which may prevent a metal detector from proper operation and cause production line stoppages.



High-reliability Digital Signal Processing is used in ANRITSU metal detectors

Metal detectors:

  • have increased temperature stability;
  • perform reduction of false rejects caused by external factors;
  • have improved self-diagnostic abilities.



ANRITSU metal detectors feature hygienic design

Anritsu_metal_detector_M5 The upper surface of the metal detector is flat, preventing accumulation of dust and dirt and is easily cleaned. Sensitiv_metaldetector Metal detectors have an open frame construction which prevents products and dust from piling up and ensures fast and easy cleaning, sanitary maintenance.



  Anritsu metal detectors are waterproof, with protection class IP66. The video shows how the metal detector KDB3012AHF is washed with a jet of water and how easy and fast the belt of the detector is removed.


  The video of the metal detector cleaning procedure and removal of the belt.


 ANRITSU metal detectors have high sensitivity and stability

Dual_metal_detector Anritsu dual-frequency system determines the optimal settings for maximization of sensitivity for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.



Anritsu metal detectors have a SMART GUIDE function


  A Smart Guide function of the metal detector allows producers to be confident that the metal detector always operates properly and detects metals before and after the production lines are running and stopped and products are changed. This function ensures that the full operation of metal detector is allowed only after all the procedures for checking the correct operation or the detector are completed, which is supported by (CCP) HACCP, IFS, BRC, SQF, FSSC 22000 and other programmes.


The video on Smart Guide functions


  Anritsu metal detectors have a unique compact design conveying length is only 800 mm, which allows to place the metal detector in narrow spaces or narrow production lines. It is possible to order a certain height of the metal detector and the conveying length. The roller of the metal detector conveyor is only 33 mm in diameter, which helps to connect it with other conveyors, so the conveyor flow could be more even.