Free- Fall metal detector



Free - Fall metal detector M6h


   The ANRITSU Metal detector is ideal for inspecting products before packaging - powder, granules and various other bulk products.

  Controlling contamination in food production has become more important due to factors such as the implementation of HACCP worldwide, stricter hygiene controls in food production lines, higher quality standards expected by consumers, and more.

   In recent years, manufacturing companies have been forced to diversify due to the rapidly rising prices of raw materials. This diversification makes it difficult to control foreign bodies in products. Therefore, using a bulk product metal detector before product packaging has several advantages:

  • Avoid the inclusion of foreign bodies in the final products –
if a piece of metal is compressed in the production process, it becomes even smaller and will be harder to detect in the final products.

  • Reduce product loss -
if contamination is detected during inspection of the finished final product, it may be necessary to discard the product or the entire production batch.

  • Achieve higher performance determination without the influence of packaging materials.

  • Protect your production equipment from damage –
solid metal fragments can damage production equipment.

Free- fall metal detector equipped with a high-sensitivity M6-h metal detection head

   The M6-h metal detector head is designed for inspecting bulk products and has proven high detection performance and stability in production lines. It reduces false rejections by enhancing resistance to external noise and can be easily integrated into existing production lines.

Industry-leading detection sensitivity *

    Improved signal processing is implemented to reduce false positives, ensuring the most accurate detection of contamination. Additionally, the inspection can be started without the need for complicated product setup by using a sample of the product being fed.

   * based on internal surveys by ANRITSU


Vibration resistant

    Signal processing technology is also effective in improving vibration noise and improving stability against physical vibration.


Resistance to noise generated by peripheral devices

   Extremely high noise generated by inverters, power sources, etc., can cause false rejections in metal detectors. Thanks to improved signal processing, resistance to external noise has been significantly improved to maximize detection performance and test reliability.

Improved self-monitoring functions

   The system constantly monitors the internal state of the metal detector to ensure that the device is working properly. In addition, the metal detector system is equipped with a function that automatically diagnoses whether the detection performance maintains the same detection sensitivity as at the time of implementation.

Automatic internal condition monitoring of equipment

  The function continuously monitors the internal conditions of the equipment during production. If any signs of operational disturbances arise, the system immediately provides an error notification to alert the operators.


Self-diagnosis of detection performance

   The system can generate artificial signals that simulate metal contamination, allowing operators to ensure that the device maintains the same level of performance as initially set on the production line.

* This feature does not include confirmation of rejector device operation.


Powder / granule product rejector system

   The rejector is equipped with a safe mechanism that remains secure even in the event of unexpected issues, such as a power outage. The design is user-friendly and easy to clean.

   The safety design ensures that it operates not only during normal operation but also in case of unexpected disturbances.

• Force the rejection gate to stand by on the reject side when the power is shut down or other abnormalities occurs;
• Position monitoring of rejection gate;
• Automatic rejection operation check at start-up;
• Air pressure monitoring; 

automatic-rejector-system novers-produktu-aizplusanu

    Rejection equipment and peripheral equipment adapters can be attached and detached without the use of tools. Additionally, for the removal of the rejection unit from the line, ANRITSU can offer mechanisms such as a swing mechanism, slid-rail mechanisms, or others, depending on the layout of the production line.


Flexible integration into an existing production line

Space saving and easy wiring

   By providing the detection head, indicator and rejection unit in an independent and compact unit, the integration of the free-fall metal detector will be simple and save space.
   The detection head and rejection unit of the metal detector can be connected to the indicator with a single cable.


ANRITSU offers the best customization options for your production line and testable product

   Anritsu offers optimal integration methods according to the client's production environment, line layout, product physical properties, production throughput, etc.


Installation examples

Integration with a Vertical Form Fill Seal packaging machine and a Multihead weigher Integration with a raw material tank and a filling and packaging machine