Anritsu large metal detector







 Anritsu M6 metal detectors

Anritsu's new large metal detector provides unsurpassed high sensitivity for large bulk and packaged products. As quality standards become stricter, metal detectors can help you comply with certification rules and avoid costly complaints processes. Metal detectors are suitable for detecting metal foreign objects in industries such as food, fisheries, meat, vegetables, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textiles, recycling, and more. Metal detectors are available in two types, type 1, stainless steel model washable with water and type 2, which is not water-washable, metal detector frame - painted. The large metal detector has wheels that allow the unit to be pushed and positioned more comfortably to the operator.


 Metal detectors have high detection sensitivity and stability

Metal detectors have built-in digital signal processing (patent pending) to better isolate product features and reduce its impact on detection, resulting in high performance and the best detection of metal foreign objects in the market.


 Metal detectors have smooth and reliable operation

An automated product registration process allows a metal detector to optimize the best phase, frequency, and capture algorithm for two simultaneous frequencies.


 Anritsu metal detectors have an intuitive screen that allows the operator to work quickly and efficiently

The 7-inch color touch screen is very handy. Clear graphical instructions allow users to work efficiently. The machine is so intuitive that the machine can be controlled without special training. Skarien_jutigs_ekrans_Anritsu


Metal detectors have a new product sign-up program that simplifies their operation and illustrates the step-by-step process that needs to be done.


Smart Guide facilitates day-to-day operations and maintenance with clear and unambiguous messages.

The metal detector features pictures and descriptions to troubleshoot and improve performance.



Metal detectors have unique error and alarm codes (pictures) that reduce equipment downtime, providing the operator with solutions and reducing the need for service personnel.




 Metal detectors have a sophisticated design and flexible detection of metal foreign objects for a wide range of products

The large ANRITSU metal detectors have a conveyor width of 700 mm, the M6-h metal detector is available with detector head throughput heights from 50 mm to 400 mm, and conveyor lengths of 1200 mm, 1500 mm, 1800 mm. Maximum weight of the products to be tested is up to 50 kg.



 Overall width: 73 mm narrower than the previous model Previous model
Belt width: 50 mm wider than previous model



The metal detector is designed with safety and hygiene in mind

Prevention of breaking point

The outer conveyor roll element is tightly secured to prevent objects, clothing or fingers from falling under the rotating element.

Highest hygiene

The top surface of the metal detector main unit has a slope that facilitates runoff.

Belt removal without tools

The metal detector conveyor belt is easily removable for quick maintenance and cleaning. (for washable models only).


The large metal detectors have - reversible action, which reduces operator load


The back and forth function in a new product registration process with multiple feeds makes it easier to register a new product

Metal detector with reversible rejection function - product with metal foreign object is returned to the start of the conveyor, allowing the operator to be in the same place as putting the products on the conveyor

Back and forth automatic settings Reverse Rejection (Optional)