Metal detector M6-h series





 Anritsu - High Sensitivity Metal Detector - M6-h



Enhanced Performance – M6-h delivers high detection sensitivity and stability on your production line.


  • Dual-frequncy system
  • Detection sensitivity: Fe sphere 0.25 mm dia. / SUS sphere 0.6 mm dia.
  • Protection class: IP66 / IP30





 Enhanced Performance - M6-h delivers high detection sensitivity and stability on your product line

Delivering the same detection levels as described in catalogs is a big challenge for metal detection systems when performing the inspection in actual product lines. As detection sensitivity can vary depending on product and environment conditions including temperature and humidity, it can be challenging to provide consistent detection.

Anritsu’s M6-h series metal detector is designed to deliver unrivalled levels of detection sensitivity in your product lines. The auto – learn process makes excellent detection quickly achievable.


 Advanced Digital Signal Processing

Built - in digital signal processing (patent pending) better isolates product effect and minimizes its impact on detection. Outstanding detection made easy.



 Improved Auto – Learn provides reliable, repeatable performance

Improvement in detection and performance were developed in – house, using our 50 + years of industry experience. The auto – learn process optimizes the best phase, frequency and detection algorithms for the dual simultaneous frequencies.




Vibration and electrical noise resistant

Metal detectors look for fluctuation within magnetic fields the product passes through the detector head. Since the magnetic fields are affected by external sources such as floor vibration and inverters from nearby machines, a metal detectors must be designed to handle these challenges. With this in mind, Anritsu’s detection heads are designed to provide high sensitivity without sacrificing repeatability and reliability.


The FOCUS function

Metal contaminants come in all shapes and sizes such as wires, shavings and flakes. The FOKUS function delivers enhanced detection of those hard – to – detect real world contaminants.
*Detection enhancement may vary depending on contaminant types.

High sensitivity detection of both ferrous and non – ferrous metal

Anritsu’s patented dual – frequency technology is optimized for both ferrous and non – ferrous metal simultaneously. With the improved auto – learn process, Anritsu systems analyse more than 10.000combinations of frequencies and algorithms to provide the best detection possible.




Tool free belt removal

The conveyor belt can be easily removed or attached without tools. The direct systems (washdown models only) allows quick and easy cleaning.


Full belt speed control

Variable belt speed, 5 to 90 m/min, is built in and stored in the product settings. Each product can run at its unique speed and the can also be adjusted as needed.


No tension adjustment necessary

By using an automatic belt tensioner, belt adjustments are eliminated. The washdown models also use a meander – less belt to eliminate any tracking issues.



No operation manual is required with Product Registration Navigation

The Product auto – learn process uses a setup wizard that simplifies setup step-by-step illustrated instruction.



Multilingual display and global service network

11 different languages selection on screen including English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and other.
Anritsu’s service network extends over 50 countries to quickly provide parts and service.

Minimize false rejects

Built-in troubleshooting screens show the possible cause of false reject and provide on-screen suggestion to improve performance.


Improved troubleshooting and help screens

Unique Error and Alarm codes minimize downtime by offering guidance and reducing the need for service support.




Features and Functions of M6-h series / M5 series

Diagnostic function: Allows the operator to check items that can cause false reject – preventing problems before they occur.

History recording: Complete error and alarm status is recorded and can be checked at a glance.

Quick machine warm – up: Get up and running faster with better system stability.


Maximize quality and protect your brand reputation

Smart Guide – perfect for HACCP

Metal detectors are considered a critical control point (CCP) in HACCP programs and require detection checks to make sure they are meeting your standards. Smart Guide directs detection and operation checks in an easy – to – understand format. It can be set to stop operation if the testing fails ensuring compliance. Operator training is also minimized.


Reject confirmation

Contaminated product should not only be detected but also rejected property. Anritsu’s reject confirmation ensures rejected product are fully removed from the product line.

Daily inspection report

Simplified data and long management allows quick response to retailers or customer quality inquires.

Reject_confirmation_metaldetector Daily_inspection_report_metal_detector

User levels

Passwords are required when changing critical product settings including sensitivity changes. This helps avoid human errors and potential operator mistakes. Optional barcode reader simplifies operator identification.


Design verification that meets global standards

We conduct strict design verifications to meet national and international standards such as CE marking and FCC. Anritsu metal detectors offer reliable solution for quality control in the food industry around the globe.

 Metal_detector_user_levels  Anritus_metal_detector_nordSystems


HACCP compliance

HACCP compliance requires verifying the operation of the inspection equipment in a regular basis. QUICCA automatically records these operation checks and the associated product name, time / data and the operator ID who performed the check. QUICCA helps prevent omissions in data recording and falsification of data, improving consistency of inspection reports.

The system provides a report to HACCP requirement, that a product has been inspected with a fully compliant inspection system. You can show your customers that your manufacturing process uses and follows stringent quality control processes and can increase your company’s brand image.

(Anritsu is not responsible for the inspection results by this documentation.)


Complete product traceability

Advanced line monitoring

Overall quality management and control system, QUICCA, offers real – time product line monitoring and analysis as well as advanced traceability for each product.

With centralized information, QUICCA can aid in detection production issues before they become a larger problem.

Haccp_compliance_Anritsu   Anritsu_metaldetector_M6h



Each series features a variety of detection areas to suit a wide range of products. For details of specifications, please submit an online inquiry form.




[Example model] Pass width: 300 mm, Pass height: 80 mm




1: Sum total of product weight on the conveyor.
Note: The shape and size (length, width and height) of products to can be inspected depend on the rejector type.
Note: The noise level of the metal detectors does not exceed 70 dB (A).