Metal Detectors - Vertical model



ANRITSU metal detector (vertical model) for tall products

metal detector anritsu

ANRITSU metal detector's easy control

7 inch wide-screen colour TFT LCD display.
During production, laconic instructions are displayed on the metal detector touch panel, providing a proper process even at staff replacement. You can select and rearrange the most commonly used parameters in sub-menus.
Daily reports are displayed on the work screen, so you can see the test status at any time. For enhanced control, data can be transferred to a computer via USB/Ethernet.

Metal Detectors              Metal Detectors Anritsu
Metal detector's Smart Guide ensures a proper performance check
In order to meet the standards, it is necessary to keep testing the operation, and this Smart Guide for metal detectors is considered to be a critical control point (CCP) in HACCP certification programs. The Smart Guide manages the operation check and maintenance procedures in an easy understandable format. If the process is incorrect or if the metal detector does not work correctly, it will not continue the process and further work with the metal detector, ensuring a proper operation. This can save you time and money during operator training.
Anritsu Metal Detectors
Product registration management for metal detector
Product Registration management with illustrated instructions simplifies the parameter setting procedure. You can save time spent reading the operating instructions or preparing the training material. Registration of a new product does not take more than a minute.

Anritsu Metal Detectors


Metal detector's auto-tracking feature:

The automatic setting of Anritsu metal detectors automatically detects the best evaluation process (this process is called a phase). However, phase changes caused by product effects can lead to false selection. Automatic tracking feature compensates the phase shift by tracking changes in product effects, thus preventing the false selection.

* The auto-tracking feature is automatically enabled in auto-settings.

* To change the settings, please contact NordSystems staff.


metaldetector feature

 ANRITSU metal detector is highly sensitive and very stable


Metal Detectors
Anritsu Dual Frequency design determines optimal settings to maximize the sensitivity of both ferrous and non-errous metals.
■ Metal detector's external dimentions
metala detektors 
1: True sensitivity depends on the physical properties of the product (content and shape) and environmental conditions).
2: Total product weight on the line.
3: Specify one of these types of power supply when placing order.
4: Use the power supply of specified voltages.
When there is a high variation in the power supply voltage, the engine's temperature may rise. The conveyor's torque may decrease if the power supply voltage is low.
Detection area
Different models are available for different products. For details on the detection area, please fill out the request form.

Throughput width (mm)
70 100 120 140 150 170 200
Throughput height (mm) 280 - -
430 - - -