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Tech industry 2019

Tech industry 2019

Tallinn Food Fair 2019


Riga Food 2019 - D22 / E14


RIGA FOOD 2018 - Hall D20/E25

NORD SYSTEMS LTD will participate in "Riga Food 2018" exhibition in Riga from September 5th to 8th, 2018. Exhibition Riga Food is the largest event in food industry in Baltics!

You will have a chance to see RealForni (Italy) Boss rotary bread oven and also find out more about many other ovens.

At our stand you will see and learn more about ANRITSU (Japan) metal detectors. You can also learn more about weight controllers and X-ray equipment


You will see label printers GoDEX (Taiwan).


You will also get a chance to see label rewinders and learn about label peeler machines.

Handy, efficient high resolution ink jet printer Elfin 1S also will be available on the spot.

You also will be able to see and learn more about – inks and solvents (Make up), which can be used with variety of industrial printer brands (ink jet printers/jet printers), such as Domino®, Hitachi®, Linx®, Markem Imaje®, Videojet®, KGK®, Liebinger®, Citronix®, ECJet® and many more.

Several manufacturers of color ribbons also will be represented.


You will be able to learn more about our experience with following equipment:

Felino (Portugal)

Mixers Dough sheeters Bowl lifters

Labeling systems ALTech (Italy)

Labeling devices Label wrapping systems Pallet labeling machine

Ink jet printer BESTCODE (Texas, USA)

Ink jet printer – 8th series



You will be very welcome! See you at Riga Food 2018!

“Nord Systems” builds a bakery oven in “Madonas Maiznieks” factory.

   Madonas Pateretaju Biedriba Ltd (“Madonas patērētāju biedrība”) is a stable and developing company with more than 70 year experience. Main activity is the production of bread and bakery products. The bakery in Madona produces more than 50 different types of bakery products by using modern equipment. Every Madonas Maiznieks product contains only natural raw materials with no chemical additives.

   The quality of the product has also been recognized by professionals at annual "Riga Food" exhibition and products of "Madonas patērētāju biedrība” Ltd received rewards.

   Janis Zahars, Chairman of the Board of “Madonas Maiznieks”: "We have many years of experience with various furnaces. Therefore, having received a good offer from Nord Systems Ltd for an Italian bakery oven, there was no doubt of obtaining one."

   The four-shelf baking area is 18.2 m2, with 1860 x 2450 mm dimensions of one shelf. The installment of the oven took 4 days, 4,5m3 of concrete and 1000 kg of thermal insulation material, and the total weight of the furnace is approximately 14.5 tons.

The video of installment:


  “The benefits of this oven - slower cooling, it has less electricity consumption than our other furnaces. Overall, I just wanted to say that I am very satisfied with the work of Nord Systems Ltd. Guys are very responsible and quick," quoting Janis Zahars, Chairman of the Board of Madonas Maiznieks.


The company "Alis Co" is founded in 1994. It is one of the largest companies in Baltic region dealing with the supply, processing and sale of nuts and dried fruits.

"Alis Co" offers a great range of high quality products ensuring client loyalty and remaining a leader in fast growing competition environment.

"Alis Co" is working with largest sales networks in Latvia, as well as many clients in pastry industry. It creates an opportunity to expand the range of products and opens a gate for deliveries from largest suppliers of nuts and dried fruits around the world.

Alis Co has high quality specialists working for many years as a friendly team building company's good reputation. The basic motto of the company is respect for partners and competition.


 “Alis Co” — We purchased first ANRITSU metal detector model KD8115A in 2015. During these two years with ANRITSU metal detector machine we are very satisfied with its reliable performance and quality as well as technological capabilities.

That's why in 2017, driven by our previous experience of using company's products, we didn't hesitate for a second to choose the latest ANRITSU metal detector model M5 - KDB3012AHF, because we hold the quality and operational reliability in the first place.

The new ANRITSU model impressed us with very convenient use (all necessary actions will be schematically displayed). It takes less than 1 minute to register new products and the touch-screen immediately shows how small metal objects can be detected by the machine.

The sensitivity of new metal detectors, operating under the patented system, simultaneously detects 2 frequency magnetization. These metal detectors have twice as high sensitivity as the previous model.

Valery Bracun, “Alis Co” technical director says: "I want to mention that the biggest and most important benefit of this company is the responsive and high quality service".

The company uses ANRITSU brand for quality control of "Alis Co" products because it has proven itself very well being one of the leaders in the market, which is a perfect solution for metal detecting in food products.

Mentioned metal detector has the highest sensitivity and great stability against vibration and electrical waves. It is provided by the unique ANRITSU "dual-frequency system" technology and material, as well as integrated self-diagnostic system.

When detecting a metal, the machine stops and delivers sound/light alarm, or, metal detection brings control signal to the separator and the product is being ejected.

"The main benefit of this metal detector is its high sensitivity and easy use, ensuring easy and safe work of the operator. All the operational information is displayed on the screen in a very simple form", says Mr.Bracun. 

RIGA FOOD 2017 - HALL 2/G8

NORD SYSTEMS SIA will participate in exhibition "Riga Food 2017" in Riga on September 6-9, 2017. Exhibition Riga Food is Baltic's largest event in food industry!




You will be able to see and get familiar with ANRITSU (Japan) metal detectors.


Several models of GoDEX (Taiwan) label printers will be available.


  We will represent coloured ribbons of several manufacturers.



You can also have a closer look on inks and solvents (Make up), which are compatible with most of industrial printer (ink jet printers) brands, such as, Domino®, Hitachi®, Linx®, Markem Imaje®, Videojet®, KGK®, Liebinger®, Citronix®, ECJet® and many more.


  We will also share our experience with the following equipment:



svaru kontrolieris
X-ray device Metal detector Checkweigher


Labelling systems ALTech (Italy)

Labelling devices Wrapping-labelling systems  Pallet labeller



Ink jet printer BESTCODE (Texas, USA)

Ink jet printer - 8th series


                                                              All are welcome!