Industry leading detection

Heads are vibration and electric noise resistant
Metal detectors look for fluctuations with magnetic fields when product passes through the detector head. Since the magnetic fields are affected by external sources such as floor vibration and inverters from nearby machines, a metal detector must be designed to handle these challenges. With this in mind, Anritsu's detection heads were designed to provide high sensitivity without sacrificing repeatability and reliability.
Industry leading detection
The detection head is highly resistant to external effects, accurately detecting even slight fluctuations.
Anritsu's unique dual-frequency system
Since metals respond differently to different magnetic field frequencies, it is difficult for conventional single frequency systems to detect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Anritsu has patented a dual-frequncy inspection system, which automatically determines the best frequencies to maximize sensitivity for both ferrous metals simultaneously. Stainless steel fragments dropped from a production equipment can be also detected.
Industry leading detection
Optimal sensitivity achieved by HIS (High Sensitivity) Setting
HIS (High Sensitivity) setting automatically analyzes product and contaminant properties and sets detection limits precisely for optimal contaminant detection.

Anritsu Industry leading detection
A simple step-by-step procedure
Anyone can configure the HIS setting by feeding OK products and test pieces with step-by-step instructions.

Industry leading detection


Comfortable operation

7 inch wide color TFT LCD display for an operation screen.
Instructions are displayed concisely on a touch panel screen during production, ensuring proper proceedings even when the shift changes. You can select and rearrange frequently used items to be displayed on submenus.
Daily reports are displayed on an operation screen to monitor the inspection status at any time. The data can be transferred to a PC via USB/Ethernet for enhanced quality control.

Smart Guide ensures correct operation checking
Metal detectors are considered a critical control point (CCP) in HACCP programs and continuous operation checking is required to meet standards. Smart Guide navigates operation check and maintenance procedures in an easy-to-understand format. When a procedure was performed incorrectly, it will not allow to proceed further, ensuring correct operation management. The time and costs for training operators can be minimized.
Product Registration Navigation
Product Registration Navigation simplifies parameter setting procedures with step-by-step illustrated instructions. You can save time and effort on reading through operation manuals or putting together training documents.

Auto-limit function and Auto-tracking function for enhanced stability
Anrtisu metal detector prevents false rejects by Auto-limit function and Auto-tracking function, supporting stable production at your facility.

Auto-limit function:
This function assures stable inspection by automatically setting the optimum judgment limit based on changes in effect values of products and test pieces.

Auto-tracking function:
Anritsu metal detectors' auto setting function automatically determines the best evaluation timing (this timing is called phase). However, phase shift caused by product effect can trigger false rejects. Auto-tracking functions compensate phase shift by following the change of product effect, preventing false rejects.
*Auto-tracking functions are automatically set by auto-setting. For changing the setting, please contact our staff.