Operation Guidance

The Smart Guide Function
Operator-oriented, easily navigated menu structure

Smart Guide
For checkweighers to function properly, operation checking must be performed correctly at each stage of the daily operation: at start-up, during production, and at the end of production. These procedures, although necessary, are not always strictly followed due to the time and effort involved. Smart Guide navigates operation check and maintenance procedures in an easy-to-understand format. If a procedure was performed incorrectly, Smart Guide will not allow to proceed further, ensuring correct operation management.
  Operation GuidanceOperation Guidance

E-Daily Report
All checkweigher weight data and operation check (audit) records are saved local on the SSV checkweigher. At the end of production, the data and operation check log can be sent via E-Reports. The elimination of manual data collection minimizes possible errors and makes data and log management simple and efficient.



Operation Guidance

Product Registration Navigation


Product Registration Navigation simplifies parameter setting procedures with step-by-step illustrated instructions. On-screen illustrations help you understand each key procedure. If performed improperly, the navigation stops for corrective action.

  Operation Guidance
Color LCD touch screen interface
8.5" color LCD touch screen interface significantly improves daily use.

Useful features: USB and Ethernet interfaces are equipped as standard features.Both metal detector and checkweigher are controlled by the standard touch screen control panel.
Anritsu Operation GuidanceAnritsu Operation Guidance


【Mobile Monitor for Checkweigher】

Remote checkweigher operation monitoring helps to optimize overall line efficiency.
What is a mobile monitor?
Anritsu Mobile Monitor is a mobile application for Android tablet computers that allows for real time viewing of checkweigher operation including measurement data and statistics from remote locations. Connected to your checkweigher via wireless network, the Moblie Monitor is easy to set up with no cumbersome wiring required. You no longer need to run around your production site or sound a buzzer.

Application example 1: Filling process adjustment
The trending of measurement values are often manually monitored in adjusting the upstream filling process. However, in a factory where filling and checkweighing are located far from each other, or a hygienic zoning wall separates the two section, it is difficult to determine the optimal fill level. With the Mobile Monitor at hand, the operator can view measurement data without having to go to the checkweigher. The fill level can be optimized, achieving better efficiency and minimizing overfilling costs.
Application example 2: Live alarm notification
Many factories have an accumulation table that provides temporary storage space for products when the production flow is interrupted due to a problem with the downstream checkweigher. If the operator fails to notice the issue and when the maximum holding time is exceeded, the accumulated products must be disposed of for quality reasons. In order not to let this affect the company's bottom line, abnormal events should be notified to the upstream manufacturing process immediately. The buzzer from the checkweigher may not be heard due to machine noise or zoning walls. With the Mobile Monitor displaying current checkweigher status, or its signal tower light alarm (optional), the operator can realize the events at the distant checkweigher, which reduces product wastage.
Display Screen

Enlarged bar
Individual weight and evaluation

Long-term trending

Short-term trending

Total count and statistics
Operating system
Android™ 4.0, 4.1
Connectable equipment
Checkweigher SV series and SSV series
Maximum product number
100 products (for both SV and SSV)
Connectable equipment number
6 units
Maximum processing speed
1,000 pieces/min (depends on tablet capacity)
Maximum display data
1,000 data (batch number, individual data number)
Alarm display function (mean value, rejection rates, metal NG, +NG, -NG), Sound notification function, Signal tower light alarm notification function

Anritsu proprietary technology: SMF

Smart Measurement Function minimize double product errors by using multi-threaded filters, achieving high accuracy.

1) Accurate weighing
Conventional checkweighers use the weigh cell signal, after signal processing, to determine the weight of each product as it passes over the weigh table. If two packs are on the weigh table at the same time, a "double product error" will occur and the system is forced to reject both products since each individual product weight cannot be determined. Anritsu SSV series checkweigher advancements use innovative signal processing, multi-threaded filtering, in conjunction with improved scale resolution to minimize "double product errors". This simultaneously minimizes unnecessary rejects and maximized line productivity.
  Good conveying condition

Two packs on scale

2) Rejection down, yield up with SMF

[Example] High speed production line at 200 products/min

・Conventional checkweigher:
Products spacing is normally established by increasing the checkweigher conveyor speed, compared to the normal line speed, to prevent two products being on the weigh scale at the same time.

・SSV checkweigher equipped with SMF:
Products spacing and checkweigher conveyor speed is maintained. By running slower, the SSV system provides higher accuracy even if two products are on the weigh scale at the same time.

  Conventional checkweigher
SSV checkweigher equipped with SMF
New Force Balance
Newly developed force balance is equipped in high accuracy models. Minimum scale value is 0.001 g. Maximum accuracy is +/- 0.010 g. Resolution quadrupled (in-house comparison). Temperature resistance improved.

Anritsu's new force balance load cell has achieved the verification scale interval of e=0.05 (Minimum weighing: 3 g, Maximum weighing: 100 g). Our new force balance load cell obtained the highest standard of MID (Measuring Instrument Directive), Class XII.