Checkweigher - Water Proof Models




Waterproof and dustproof model: SSV-i series

Features waterproof and dust-proof cabinet and components. Its hygienic design is perfect for unpackaged and fresh foods which require stringent sanitary control.
 Anritsu Checkweigher


ANRITSU produce checkweighers for more than 57 years:

 Since 1964, Anritsu checkweighers are constantly evolving - 

Dynamic scales series
K501Anritsu's first checkweigher
[Basic model: K501]


Eight series of checkweighers
Highly successful due to its superior cost/ performance ratio.
[Basic model: K528]
Hi series dynamic scales
Used hight-speed and hight accuracy electromagnetic force balance for the first time.
[Basic model: K621B]



SV series dynamic scales
With over 800 different models, SV series became a long-selling product  for more than 10 years.
[Basic model: KW6003BP03]


SSv series dynamic scales
[Basic model: KWS6003BP03


 Waterproof and dustproof model with protection class IP66series SSV-i


 This series of checkweighers is the highest dust protection (totally protected against dust ingress) and water protection. Dynamic checkweigher models of this series are able to withstand water jet from 12.5-mm nozzle at 100l/minute for3 minutes at distance of 3 m in all directions with pressure of 100 kPa.

Hygienic design of the checkweigher is perfect for unpacked and fresh products, which require strict sanitary control.

 Svara kontroliera higiēniskais dizains ir ideāls neiepakotiem un svaigiem produktiem, kuriem nepieciešama stingra sanitārā kontrole.


"Can the checkweigher be used in wet conditions?"


Checkweighers with protection class IP66 are washable and suitable for that.

Anritsu checkweighers series SSV offers a variety of models.

Washable checkweigher models - series SSV - suitable for work in wet conditions. Open-frame design allows easy cleaning. 

Mazgajams_svara_kontrolieris Svara_kontrolieri


Anritsu dynamic checkweighers are waterproof and dustproof: series SSV-i

Casing material of these checkweighers is stainless steel.

  • Protection class: IP66
  • Casing material of these checkweighers is stainless steel.
  • Max. speed of the checkweighers: 330 products/min
  • Max. accuracy of the checkweighers: ±0.1 g


ANRITSU CHECKWEIGHERS have MID class XII The highest world standard

Avaru kontrole

The world's first checkweigher to obtain Class MID XII

 Measuring Instrument Directive (MID) based on the precision of the measuring instrument, defines several classes. Anritsu KWS60 series checkweigher is the world's first checkweigher to obtain Class XⅡ, the highest standard ever achieved, with its superior weighing properties. Anritsu's new electromagnetic force balance scale has achieved the verification scale interval of e=0.05 g (3 to 100 g capacity). (since May 2013)


Checkweighers are temperature and electrical noise resistant

 Zero point of the checkweighers fluctuates depending on the ambient temperature. For stable and precise weighting checkweighers need high resistance to temperature changes. Equipped with mono block of unique form and circuit board, which reduces generation of the heat, Anritsu's new checkweighers' features improve resistance to temperature and excellent zero-point stability. Moreover, it is developed with resistance to electric noise from the surrounding inverters and motors, gaining improved weighing accuracy and optimal operation even in difficult industrial conditions.


Manufacturer of checkweighers ANRITSU has ensured the ease of use of the equipment for the operators all is displayed on the checkweighers screen.

 Navigation of checkweighers product registration simplifies parameter setting procedure with step-by-step instruction with illustrations.

  • Setting of product parameters
  • Accurate adjustment


 Up to 200 products can be saved in the checkweighers series SSV, and each of the product may have its own speed and coordinated with the operation of the defect detection equipment. Registration of product in a checkweigher is simple due to Product Registration Navigation.

 Illustrations of a checkweighers screen help to understand each important procedure, as they are outlined step-by-step. If an incorrect action is done, the operation is stopped and with explanatory images it is explained, what should be done and what is the error, up to corrective actions.


Video showing the simplicity of work with dynamic checkweighers.


Checkweighers have a standard display: 8.5 inches, colour LCD touch screen significantly improves the use and system management. 6 standard view screens can be switched in the checkweighers, allowing to select favourite one and quickly determine the weight and current information.



Smart navigation of the checkweigher makes weight control simple.

With intuitive navigation of the checkweigher, product check and adjustment become simpler. There is no need in instructions and simplicity reduces human factors.

Navigation system also greatly contributes to data collection and compliance with HACCP.


"It is so tiring to do daily reports every day!"

 With checkweighers function Smart Guide you can draw up an e-report.

 Checkweighers save all activities in its operation history. At the end of operation, all data can be easily transferred to a CSV file.


Checkweighers function Smart Guide reduces the training time.

 Checkweighers function Smart Guide navigation helps the users to go through the system's basic activities. Even inexperienced operators can quickly learn the system by following the on-screen instructions.

 Illustrations of a checkweighers screen help to understand each important procedure, as they are outlined step-by-step. If incorrect actions are performed, navigation is stopped until corrective actions are taken.



 ANRITSU washable checkweighers are available in various models, which are suitable for different products - packed or unpacked products and different product dimensions and weight.

 ANRITSU checkweighers have a compact design, which can be placed in even the most narrow production lines and easily connected to other conveyors, as Anritsu checkweighers are available with conveyor belts from 18 mm, therefore a checkweigher can be placed close to other conveyors and there is little gap between the conveyors and unstable products can move on the checkweighers conveyor.

 Technical scheme of the checkweigher is provided below, showing that if the product length is 300 mm, then the total lenght of the checkweigher will be 695 mm and conveyor rolls are 25 mm.

Anritsu Checkweigher
Weighing range
12 to 1200 g [12 to 600 g] 3
Scale interval
0.05 g
Maximum speed1
220 [270] products/min
Maximum accuracy(3σ)1
+/- 0.2 g
8.5-inch color TFT LCD
Operation method
Touch panel (Start, Stop, and Home are direct push buttons)
Indication range
1204.5 g
Preset memory
Maximum 200
2 or 3
Product size 22
Width  W
20 to 230 mm
Length L
60 to 320 mm
Height H
5 to 320 mm
Belt speed
9 to 82 [9 to 97] m/min
Power requirements
100 to 120 Vac +10% –15% or 200 to 240 Vac +10% –15%, single phase, 50/60 Hz, 300 VA, rush current 30 A (typ.) (20 ms or less)
64 kg
Environmental conditions
0° to 40°C (variation not to exceed 5°C/h to maintain accuracy), relative humidity 30% to 85%, non-condensing
Protection class
IP66 compliance
Stainless steel (SUS304)
Data output
USB port (USB2.0), Ethernet interface (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX)
1: The speed and accuracy vary according to the products to be weighed and the rejector.
2: The size of products to be weighed depends on the rejector; select a checkweigher together with a rejector. Consult us about semi-transparent and transparent products.
3 : [ ] are optional. The maximum weighing range varies according to the operating environment.
Note: The noise level of the checkweighers does not exceed 70 dB (A).
Model Selection List
The SSV series is available in a variety of models to suit a wide range of products. For details of detection areas, please submit an online inquiry form.