Fiber laser marking systems


Fiber laser marking systems 20/30 W (Fiber)




 BIMEIGAO FA 330 fiber laser, adopting famous brand IPG laser source, appling with high speed galvo scanner, assembling with Taiwan Meanwell switching power, premium quality. High working efficiency, fine beam, marking strong&clear, strong function, available for all kinds of fonts, image, logo etc., marking, online flying or off flying marking is supported. It's designed to embed with water chiller, steady &strong, long life span. Strong connection function, it can connect with all kinds of software system, to receives data easily. It can be connected with mass production line, to achieve high working efficiency.

Fibre laser technology for permanent coding on a wide range of materials

 Fiber laser permanently mark on a wide range of materials, including metal, rubber, plastic, and packaging foils. Very fine spot size creates excellent quality codes and makes 30 W Fibre lasers ideal for marking very small components, or large amounts of information onto small areas. Text, machine readable codes, graphics and logos are all marked with extreme clarity for traceability; ideal for pharmaceutical, medical devices, automotive and electronics industries, as well as FMCG packaging.

Fiber laser function

 Craftwork processing, two-dimension, bar code printing, batch, best before, logo, image, etc., any user-defined message marking.

Applicable for material

 Metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, paper etc,, material.

Applicable for industries

 Wildly applicable for hardware, jewerly, food, drink, cosmetic, medical, building material, furniture, electronics, lights ect., industries


   Fiber Lasers parameters

Dimension  FA series fiber laser 
Model NO. FA-220 / 330
Laser power  20W / 30W
Laser wave length  Wave length 1064nm
Marking size  70*70mm, 100*100mm 110*110mm, 300*300mm Optional
Machine structure Aluminium 
Machine weight  66 KG 
Valid focal length  155 mm 
Machine size  144*62*74cm 
Power consumption  750W 1000W
Cooling method Wind cooling 
Working type  Flying 
Max linear marking speed  12000 mm/s
Operating language  English 
Connection RS232, Enternet, USB
Marking lines Any lines within the valid marking size  
Fonts Support for all TTF fonts 
Marking messages Letters, image, bar code, two-dimension, real clock, batch, user-defined message  
Interface Industrial computer
Temperature  0-55°C ,non condensation
Temperature humidity RH 35-85% , non condensation 
Power supply  220V,1KVA, 50-60HZ