GoDEX mobile label printers



GoDEX Company Profile

The company is founded in 1993 with its main office in Taipei, Taiwan. GoDEX International is an engineering company specializing in the development and production of barcode printing products. Leader in price and performance. Having offices in the USA, Europe and China, GoDEX distribute its products all over the world.

GoDEX has built its success and won thousands of customers thanks to excellent and highly available products dedicated for 100% to long-term customer satisfaction and provided by the company and a network of distributors.

Label printers

A label printer is an essential piece of equipment for any business that needs printing of labels, tags, barcodes, receipts, etc. on a daily basis. Label printers are widely used in retail, logistics, transport services, manufacturing. A label printer will also be a great help wherever you need to quickly print labels on documents, folders, envelopes. This device will be useful both in office and at home.

Advantages of GoDEX label printers:

• high quality products with a warranty period of up to 3 years and for some Godex models – up to 5 years;
• a wide range of models for any need;
• favourable prices;
• responsive and professional team of employees;
• effectively organized warranty and after-sales service;
• possibility to purchase products regularly required for printing (ribbons, printheads, etc.);
• professional advice and customer support in the shortest possible time.

The main prerequisites for choosing label printers:

• Printing method – all our label printers use thermal transfer method or direct thermal printing.
• Resolution – the higher the resolution, the better the image quality. A compact label printer mostly offers 203 dpi or 300 dpi;
• Print Speed – how many labels the label printer can print in a single unit of time. Depending on the model, print speed for compact printers ranges from 102 mm/s to 152 mm/s;
• Print Width – the maximum label width that can be printed with a specific model of device. Compact label printers are mostly designed for printing standard 54 mm – 108 mm wide labels.
• Ribbon length – indicates the length of ribbon that can be used in a specific model of printer. The length of the ribbon for compact printers can be from 110 m to 300 m.
• Equipment design and materials used qualitatively.
• Ease of use and additional features.

Important additional features:

• compatibility with and support of different operating systems: Windows 7 / Windows 10/ Mac OS X 10.4.11 – 13.6
• compatibility with various databases, including csv, txt, mdb, xls, Microsoft SQL Server Database;
• availability of a special printing software (GoLabel, QLabel software, etc.);
• connection options – USB 2.0 Type B, USB Host, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, LAN connection;
• display – depending on the model, the label printer may be equipped with a user-friendly and easy-to understand standard LCD or TFT display, a colour LCD or TFT display, or a touch screen;
• ability to print from mobile devices like iPhone iPad, iPod, and Android;
• automatic label cutting function – the label printer cuts the printed label itself, which significantly improves productivity;
• printing language – possibility to select the printing language;
• different font styles – possibility to choose the font type that is visually the most suitable for your text;
• text rotation function – possibility to print text horizontally, vertically, obliquely, etc.;
• time and date insertion function if required.

Mobile label printers

 The Godex MX30 is an especially compact mobile thermal direct printer which can print labels  from anywhere.



MX20 MX30 / MX30i
 Printing method  Direct Thermal  Direct Thermal
 Resolution  203 dpi (8 dots/mm)  203 dpi (8 dots /mm)
 Printing speed  Up to 4 IPS (101.6 mm/s)  Up to 4 IPS (101.6 mm/s)
 Printing width  1.89 collas (48 mm)  2.8 collas (72 mm)
 Print length  45 collas (~1142 mm)  30 collas (~762 mm)
 Processor  32-bitu RISC processor  32-bitu RISC processor
 Memory Flash  • Flash : 128 MB Flash (60 MB for user storage)
 • Flash : 128 MB Flash (60 MB for user storage)
 Interfaces  • RS232 +USB 2.0 port, mini-B tipa savienotājs
 • Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
 • RS232+ USB 2.0 port, mini-B tipa savienotājs
 • Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
 Ribbon  N/A  N/A
 Control Panel  • 4 dual color LEDs for Power, Battery, Communication, Error status indication
 • 3 buttons for Power, Feed and BT functions
 • 4 dual color LEDs for Power, Battery, Communication, Error status indication
 • 3 buttons for Power, Feed and BT functions

GoDEX mobile label printer – series MX30 / MX30i

Godex-MX30- mobilais-printeris

  The Godex MX30 is an especially compact mobile thermal direct printer which can print labels with a maximal print width of 72 mm/2.8" with 203 dpi resolution from anywhere.
Thanks to its sturdy casing, the inner components of the MX30 are protected from splash water and dirt.
The MX30 was drop-tested from 1.5 meters without damages. The device is very light, weighing only 660 grams. The solid belt clip and shoulder strap enhance wearing comfort even for prolonged periods of time and are included within the scope of supply.
The Lithium-Ion-battery has an exceptionally high battery life and can handle print volumes of over 300 labels. The MX30 is equipped with 128 MB Flash and 32 MB SDRAM, allowing for highest flexibility when printing your lables. Thanks to four LEDs, the status of the Godex MX30 can be read at any time and operating buttons provide intuitive operation. Numerous connectivity options make integration into existing networks a cinch. With ENERGY STAR® certification.

GoDEX mobile label printer – series MX20


  Portable GoDEX MX20 label printer with comfortable design.
MX20 is powered by high capacity lithium-ion battery. Mobile label printer armoured with water/dust/shock resistant feature.
This printer can become your ultimate device for work on the go without being at your work desk, for instance, for work in retail warehouses, printing of parking tickets, etc.

• Drop & Fit label installation design.
• Long standby time up to 72 hours or 300 label cycles between charges.
• Protection class IP54, water / dust resistant, and 1.5 m shock resistant.
• Supports both RS232 and USB ports.
• 203 dpi model.


If you need label printers, you are welcome to select and order them by contacting us.

 NORD SYSTEMS SIA is the official representative in Latvia, providing fast technical service for GoDEX label printers, offering supply and installation of new printers and performing warranty and post-warranty repairs.