X-ray Dual Energy



ANRITSU X-ray inspection system XR75 Dual Energy

DualX Dual energy

Detection of low-density contaminants  


Equipped with newly developed dual energy sensor

Minimizes false rejects and ensures reliable detection of contaminants in meat products

 Broiler chickens, which are reared for their fast growth rates, usually have a relatively lower bone mass and a thicker meat. With an advanced dual energy sensor, Anritsu DualX X-ray inspection system performs reliable and consistent inspection of poultry meat products.

 DualX analyzes two different X-ray energy signals, allowing the system to identify the product being processed and its contaminants, providing thorough detection of low-density bones.

Principle and features of dual energy sensor system

Different materials have varying energy-dependent x-ray attenuation coefficients. X-ray images acquired at high energy and low energy will exhibit different attenuation characteristics.


The x-rays generated from an x-ray inspection system have several energy levels. The dual energy inspection system produces two different images from two different energy x-rays simultaneously. Rentgena_stari
High energy x-rays produce a brighter image and low energy x-rays produces a darker image. By subtracting the two images acquired at different energies, the system eliminates an image having the same gray level, leaving only contaminants.


The dual energy technology delivers the following unique features compared to conventional X-ray technology:
- Low density items can be detected.
- Even overlapping products can be inspected without false rejecting.


The new XR75 DualX has a robust thermal control system

 The fully enclosed heat control system is designed to withstand harsh production conditions, such as bulk production, meat and sausage production lines. Anritsu unique cooling solutions protect the system from external air exchange, reducing the risk of failure and downtime of production lines.


Advanced algorithms

 Using Anritsu signal processing and image processing algorithms, DualX provides excellent detection of low-density bones in poultry. The improved DualX technology reduces the number of false rejects and increases production profitability.



Inspection of bone fragments


Contaminant inspection of overlapping products