WR Feeder - Friction feeder machine


WR Feeder - Friction feeder machine

Feeder - Friction feeder machine

WR FEEDER is a friction feeder for sheets, cards, cases, and coupons up to a maximum size of 250x300 mm in the 250 version or 400x300 in the 400 version. Thanks to its powerful stepper motor, it can reach a feed speed up to 70 meters/minute. The feed selection uses rubber counter-rotating rollers with micro adjustments on both the left and right side, which make the feeder extremely flexible for any type of product. The 300-mm high, large capacity tray with minimum load control ensures great autonomy.

WR FEEDER is controlled by a microprocessor which uses a LCD display keypad with two 20-character rows and 7 function keys to interface with the user. Through this, it is possible to set all the working parameters, such as continuous feed or multiple copies on demand, feeding speed, stop delay, print delay and stroke counter. It has enough memory for up to 40 different work settings. During operation, the state of the machine can be displayed, including end-of-production warning or stop reason, e.g. empty loader or jammed paper.

WR FEEDER can be equipped with an HP inkjet marker for variable data such as date, time, bar codes, and texts up to a maximum height of 12.7 mm at a 300 dpi resolution.