Overall quality management and control system

Overall quality management and control system
Provides advanced system tool for quality control and to exceed customer satisfaction.

quality management
Centralized control of the operational status of the entire production line
 Manages and controls the operation status of the entire production line. Recording various production data such as x-ray images supports efforts to assure traceability.
quality management
Understanding of detailed status of each machine
 Clicking a machine on the main screen accesses detailed data. Checking of production trend with production control graph, centralized monitoring of specific points, and remote machine control are possible.
control system
Data search, output and analysis
 Provides data search by specifying date and time, which then can be output in CSV format. With analytical tool, causal analysis of abnormalities and future forecasts are made possible.
control system
Mail transfer function enabling remote production control
 The machine status, statistics, error messages, etc. are automatically sent to mobile phones, allowing remote production control.


The latest information regarding the supported operating systems
 QUICCA supports the following Microsoft operating systems.
QUICCA(*1) KX9002 seriese
Vedeo recording option KX9002ZC
*1:Upgrade to the XK9002 series is recommended for those who use the KX9001 series. Please contact your local ANRITSU INFIVIS Representative.
 System requirements (Update : October 24, 2016)
OS(*2) Windows XP Professional SP2/SP3
Windows Server 2003 SP2/R2 SP2
Windows Vista SP2 (Business/Ultimate/Enterprise) (32bit)
Windows Server 2008 SP2/R2/R2 SP1 (Standard/Enterprise/Datacenter/Foundation) (32bit/64bit)
Windows 7/SP1 (Professional/Ultimate/Enterprise) (32bit/64bit)
Windows 8 (Pro/Enterprise) (32bit/64bit)
Windows 8.1 (Pro/Enterprise) (32bit/64bit)
Windows Server 2012/R2 (Standard/Datacenter/Essentials/Foundation) (32bit/64bit)
Windows 10 (Pro/Enterprise) (32bit/64bit)
Software(*3) Advanced analysis :
Microsoft Office Excel 2000/2002/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016
Barcode creation :
Microsoft Office Access 2000/2002/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016
*2 : Video recording option (KX9002ZC) supports the following operating systems:
     Windows 7/SP1 (Professional/Ultimate/Enterprise)(64bit)
     Windows 8 (Pro/Enterprise)(64 bit)
     Windows Server 2012 (Standard/Enterprise/Datacenter/Foundation)(64 bit)
*3 : Required for altitude analysis of data and code creation.
 Connectable machine(*4)
X-ray inspection system XR75 series X-ray inspection syste
KD74 series X-ray inspection system
Metal detector M5 Series Metal detector
duw/duw-h series Metal detector
KD82xx M series Metal detector
KD81xx duw series Metal detector
Checkweigher SSV series Checkweigher
SV series Checkweigher
Automatic combination weigher Clean Multi Scale Series
Clean Multi Scale Cube Series
Clean Cup Scale Series
*4:For models other than the above, contact your local ANRITSU INFIVIS Representative.
Microsoft, Windows and Windows Server, Windows Vista, Access and Excel are registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.