Particular face that can be applied to all our deck ovens, proper for that laboratories where the oven is visible from the sales area creating an image of quality and a production that respects the traditional tastes of bread.
The covering is created using tiles that can be of brown color (rustic), white or yellow, the profiles are of painted steel and the metallic details gilded.

Construction with modular elements, with one or more indipendent overlapped chambers, extremely strong, rational and of modern design. External structure made of pwder coated sheet with stainless steel “Scotch-Brite” frontal part. Internal structure made of aluminized sheet. Baking door with glass with useful heights 18 and 25 cm. Heating through armored stainless electric resistances. Operation with indipendent power regulation in the lower and upper part of the baking chamber by means of two min. and max. regulators. Temperature control through an electronic thermoregulator with scale from 0° to 400°C. Proofer, heated with thermostatic control complete with carrying guides for trays. The proofer can be replaced through a supporting stand.

On demand, the oven (with the exception of the M6 model) can be equipped with a consumption throttle having the following functions:

a) Automatic oven start

b) Indipendent and differentiated top and bottom temperature adjustment with power use reduced by approx. the half.

c) Programmable baking time

On the demand, the modules can be supplied with steam device.

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