Electric deck oven





ELETTROREAL - Electric deck oven


Electric deck oven

Electric deck oven ideal for baking, pastry and pizza making.

The research and development have improved and optimized this new oven in order to get reduced the costs and the size.

The great flexibiliy allows the use each deck with separate regulation of power bewteen top and bottom of decks.

The quality of the insulation and the “smart” software optimize the use of energy available avoiding waste of electricity.


Electric deck oven Electric deck oven

The front is made entirely of stainless steel 304 thick to ensure high durability.

The baking chambers are heated by armored heating elements independent of each top and bottom, are assembled watertight and insulated from highly insulating material.

Important improvements have been achieved on steaming capacity and in the maintenance of the oven, that becomes an investment in time.

The new electronic control panel is made of big displays showing oven status and by control trimmer which allows a faster and easier regulation of parameters.

The panel is equipped of a timer, for the automatic start. Optionally available also control panel with possibility of storing recips.

Power management: the control unit is provided with a particular device – as a standard equipment – which can make the oven works using only 50% of the total resistances power. Anyway it is possible to manage the oven unitil 100% if you want to heat all the oven or a single deck in a short time.

Power distribution: it allows an automatic temperature control in order to manage the heat distribution in each area of the baking chamber. In fact, the resistances power is separately adjustable from top to the baking stone and from the front of the oven to the rest of the deck.

Steam control: it is possible to regulate starting and temperature of each single steamer and to visualize the value of them on the control panel’s display. You can manage the time of the steam supply with display and buttons, in order to increase or reduce the seconds set up.

Baking time: setting the baking time for each chamber with an acoustic and visual signal at the end of the series. Visualizing of the remaining minutes of baking on the display.


Electric deck oven

On every oven it is possible to have the useful elevator S2 to make it easier and safer to load and unload the oven.

An easy and light balanced mechenism lifts the setter making even motorized loaders obsolete and costly.

At the end of the job it is possible to bring the setter up and free the working area.



Electric deck oven

Wide selection of models:

ZE with doors 82cm

AE and BE with two or three doors of 62cm

FE with two doors of 78cm

All the models are available in four different lenghts with three, four or five decks.

The oven doors are opened by a lever for the models ZE, AE and FE while the wider BE are balanced opened.

It is however possibile to have the balanced doors on every model, and it is also optional to have insulated stainless steel doors, with or without inspection glass.

The accurate looks of line “1900” has been studied to be exposed to the public in retail stores.


Electric deck oven