Electric static oven - ASSO 5E





Electric static oven - ASSO 5E


Electric static oven – Electric static oven for bread, pastry, pizza and gastronomy baking.
– Touch screen control 3,5”, with 20 storable recipes and programmable start-up.
– Baking on 5 refractory decks size 610×420, 13 mm thickness.
– Decks not indipendent, but possibility to economize by switching off up to 3 of the 5 decks.
– Two speeds aspiration hood TP5 controlled from the oven (optional).
– Steamer V5 with electrovalve, controlled directly from the oven (optional).
– Double-crystal door, with black colour finishing (red, yellow and copper is optional).
– Plus, Normal and Eco functions to handle power and consumptions.
– Split function to allow baking of two different products with two temperatures at the same time.
– Internal and external construction made in stainless steel.



ovens asso Electric static oven


Practical, compact and versatile.
Asso has been designed to combine the quality of a static
deck oven with the reduced and different productions of a
small bakery or shop. The oven, which is protected by an
international patent, is one of a kind for its multi-deck heating
system that makes Asso extremely practical, compact
and versatile. Moreover thanks to the possibility to customize
the colors and to its accurate and clean-looking design,
the oven can be the perfect component for the most
exclusive sales points.
The core of the oven is the innovative control system. Every
deck has an automatic system of regulation which adapts
the intensity of the heat flow to the real quantity required
by each single deck thus assuring great stability during the
baking process and high quality product. Therefore when
baking different quantities of products on each single deck,
the result will always be homogenous and uniform.

Asso adapts itself to the production, not the reverse
Saving energy becomes an easy game with the possibility
to operate only with one deck on. The innovative “split”
function enables you to have two baking processes at
the same time. The central deck divides the oven in
two zones which can have different temperatures and
baking times (with a difference of maximum 50°C).

Thanks to the special static relays, the oven adapts
itself to the different productions and baking times but
not vice versa. The “Normal” function is suitable for
most of the baking processes and represents the most
adequate solution for saving energy. With the “Power”
function the oven utilizes all the available power to bake
products rich of water or for baking at more than 300°C.
This function can be also selected for the warm up
phase. When selecting the “Eco” function, the power
supply decreases though the regular increase of the
temperature. The function allows you to save energy
but mainly to not exceed the 5 kW-power supply when
all decks are on. For this reason it is possible to work
even if there is a restriction to the supply of the energy.
All functions can be selected with 2, 3, 4 or 5
decks on.

Standard accessories:

External panels and facade of stainless steel AISI 304, Touch-screen control with program management ignitions-programmed timer and cooking, drain valve steam.

 Accessories optional: 


 Extraction hood Extraction hood steemer Steamer


Proofing box Proofing box


Lower support with shelf Lower support with shelf


Trayholder slides for support Trayholder slides for support


Electric static oven